Many guru’s and experts have been teaching you that you just need to be positive to achieve success.  To some that maybe true, but the reality is that it’s not just by using Positive thinking to help your success.  In order to be successful in your life you will have to combine your positive thinking together with the millionaire mindset.  You will have to rewire your brain to think like a millionaire.  You can rewire your brain to think like a proper millionaire and you will attract that money you were asking for.


If you think you can’t do it.  Then why don’t you take this quick 60- second quiz to find out if you got what it takes to have that millionaire’s mindset.  This is where you will get professional help from Dr.  Steve’s Total Money Magnetism (The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaires).

But before purchasing Dr. Steve’s program I would suggest you to read this Total Money Magnetism review which is based on actual and well researched information.

After reading this review,  your doubts about it if it works or not will go away.  Seriously powerful stuff.

Let’s start this review…


Total Money MagnetismCreated by the very well known hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire  Dr. Steve G. Jones .  In this program he shares 6 money-making secrets which popular Hollywood directors, self-made millionaires and executives use on regular basis to multiply their income every time.

Dr. Steve divided this informative program into two different parts.

The first part of this program is 160+ pages manual that is divided into 4 parts and contain exact blueprint on of wealth-building and money making abilities. Dr. Steve revealed steps on how to remove self-destroying habits and toxics that are blocking your way towards success. Additionally, this manual contain many other valuable information like 10 secret success principles, 5 fundamental to millionaire success, building wealth, attracting mindset and much more.

The second part contains 6 hypnosis MP3 tracks that are created by Dr. Steve explaining how to multiply your wealth success with the help of ‘6 clinically proven steps to millionaire’. These 6 MP3 tracks will awaken your inner natural money attracting ability that will make your brain to work quickly and effectively.

Along with 152 pages manual and 6 hypnosis MP3 tracks, you will also get 4 valuable bonuses.

The first bonus contains exclusive interviews with self-made millionaire.  Dr. Steve talks about how a self-made millionaire gone from 100K in debt to getting millions in bank.

The second bonus is the Mark Ling’s 3 Fastest Way to Make Million Online. Mark Ling is a famous multi-millionaire internet marketer who already helped over 100,000 people in making money online.

The third bonus is the 3 proven and tested hypnosis Mp3 tracks that will increase your brain’s productivity by removing blocks in your subconscious mind.

The fourth bonus is the free 30 day access to Dr. Steve’s Amazing Self. The Amazing Self is the online membership program in which you will get tips and techniques about how to be the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life. This will really help you to achieve any goal in your life.

Additionally, Dr. Steve G Jones created a short-video presentation in which he explained more about these features. You can watch the video below:



dr steve jonesDr. Steve was not a born millionaire instead he born in family who was suffering from all sort of financial troubles. Additionally, at the age of 6, Steve lost his mom due to cancer and his father turn into alcoholic. He starts living with poor’s mind and start feeling money is hard to come his way.


When he meets with his old school friend Dan who is now turn in millionaire, they both talk about each other while having coffee in Starbucks. Dan comes to know about Steve who is living into 30K debts. Dan talks with Steve and subconsciously converted Steve’s poor brain with rich millionaire brain. Steve starts feeling new light of hope in his brain and finally within just 2 weeks he generates over $59K in sales.

After two years of researching with lots of trial and errors, Steve comes to know exact blueprint of how Dan replaced his poor mind with rich millionaire mind that completely change his life.

He starts using these secrets to help his clients in multiplying money. Many companies taking help from Steve to boost the motivation of their salespersons. His effective and simple techniques effectively increased sales and salespersons making $10,000 in sale commission.

He already made appearances in Forbes, CNN, NBC, CBS and many magazines as well. According to Forbes,

“Dr. Steve charges $25,000 for two hours sessions with top executive, directors, actors, and producers”

However, you don’t have to worry at all because you can get access to Steve’s secrets to wealth making by downloading Total Money Magnetism by paying just $47.

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money10 Success Principles – You can’t achieve success in your life without these 10 success principles. Most guides contains useless and ineffective success principles but Steve’s 10 success principles will put you in fast-track to achieve success

Millionaire Detox – All harmful toxics and money-destroying beliefs will disappear from your mind and you will start feeling great opportunity in every money making idea that your mind will receive

Millionaire Opportunity Secrets – Your mind will start seeing every money-making chance as OPPORTUNITY instead of seeing it as fear or risk

Millionaire Mind Maker Money Accelerator – This technique will start bringing ideas on how to multiply the results of millionaire thoughts.


Although the main manual is full of lot of helpful technique to attract more money but the secret that makes this program really successful is – HYPNOSIS.

Personally talking I used to avoid this hypnosis topic in the past because I feel it doesn’t work however after reading Dr. Steve’s guide and discovering its benefits and so many success stories my opinion on hypnosis has completely changed and since then I always try to discover more about this topic.

Inside this guide, you will find out how Dr. Steve used hypnosis to attract mass wealth in his life. Additionally, he has laid out done-for-you millionaire brain technique and provided steps on how to use this millionaire brain technique to transform your brain into money-making machine.

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Written By Well-Known Hypnotherapist – Dr. Steve is practicing hypnotherapy since 1980s and he already wrote around 22 books on hypnotherapy. With the help of his training courses more than 10,000 people observe great increment in their monthly income.

Clinically Proven Techniques – Dr. Steve invest around 2 years in researching these techniques and it is now clinically proven that these techniques do work if any person apply them will full commitment.

Easy to Apply – Steve divided this lengthy program into simple 6 steps program that make easy for anyone to utilize them.

Financial Freedom – Although money is not everything in this world but surely it is very powerful. Everyone wants to enjoy financial freedom but very few achieve it. With the help of Dr. Steve’s proven 6 step formula you can live financially free. Just think about living without any debts!!

Cover Every Aspect of Life – With the inclusion of ‘Amazing Self’ 30 days access you can use Dr. Steve’s advice to achieve success in every aspect of your life.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee – It comes with 60 days money back guarantee so you have full 60 days to test this program without any risk of losing your hard-earned money.


Needs Commitment From Day 1 – This program is exact blueprint to wealth success that is laid in step-by-step format. But if you want to achieve results from this program you have to put your full commitment from the day 1.

No Shortcuts – This program will only work if you apply each and every step. Every step that is explained By Dr. Steve is important so you can’t skip any one of them.


Dr. Steve is offering full Total Money Magnetism program will all Mp3s and bonuses at just one-time price of $47. All you have to do is to visit official website and pay with your Paypal account or credit card without any problem.

Additionally, ClickBank is the official payment processor of this program. For those who don’t know, Clickbank is the world biggest online retailer of eBooks and is a trustworthy company.

Additionally, all the eBooks of Clickbank are protected with 60-days money back guarantee. So you have full 60 days to try Dr. Steve program without any risk. In case if you don’t like the instructions of Dr. Steve then you simply email him at and ask for refund.


After carefully analyzing and researching on this program and its author we can say this is not the scam and it truly works if one applies this 6-steps wealthy system with consistency and full commitment.

Dr. Steve includes great bonuses with Total Money Magnetism that makes it affordable choice. And with 60-days money back guarantee you can try this program without any risk.

Overall we feel that Total Money Magnetism (The Neuroscience of Millionaire) is for all those people who want to remove harmful restrictions from his mind in order to achieve success and enjoy total financial freedom.

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