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The Test

I’m about to do a small test.  I’m going to start watching a video every morning, when I wake up. And before I sleep, every night, for 30 days. It’s time to change my paradigms, and it’s time I show you how.    I already started today.  I want you to do the same.  I can almost certainly tell you, it will change your life.    I  know it will since I’ve done it in the past, but then I lost focus… This time I’m sticking to it.
All I want you to do is to watch the video below, daily for 30 days with me.   I don’t want anything else from you.   No I’m not promoting something.  This is part of the positive mindset value I’m giving you.  I have done this for myself, and it benefits you, in major ways.

A Video That Will Change Your Mindset

In this powerful 16-minute guided meditation audio I’m providing you with below will  teach you how to get rid of those conditioned harmful beliefs, or “paradigms”, which are controlling your life and limiting your success.  I now have this on my iPhone, and I will be listening to it, every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up, and on my dog walks.  Perfect.

Who is Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is one of the best speakers in the world on getting rich and teaches you how to to do more, be more and have more in every area of life.

Think and Grow Rich

He begun when he first read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill sometime in 1962 I believe.  I also have purchased this book last year and just finished it. What a mistake to take so long into finishing Think and Grow Rich.  Bob Proctor mentions how he still reads that book since the day he picked it up.
That’s just crazy.
Got me thinking, if he is so obsessed with it…and he made millions and made a life he wanted…which was freedom, then maybe it’s a good idea to follow his steps. Right?   and You!.
So I really do suggest you take me serious here.  I’ve been practicing all this for the past 3 years…Things are happening.
This blog and website is proof of my becomings.  I love this.  I sometimes forget, then something happens , and shakes me up, and gives me a clear message, and I’m aware and awake.  So I wanted to share this with you as a point for you to start NOW! and change your mindset and understand how everything works.

Goals ..Reach for the Stars

I’m so into it again, because I started following Bob Proctor closely.  See.. the Universe, actually showed me that path a few years ago, but I wasn’t aware of the messages. And ignored everything thrown to me in terms of Bob Proctor.  So now, I guess Its back again, with full force.  And now I’m taking it more serious than ever.
think and grow rich

Today I actually finished the audio book to Think and Grow Rich (I posted it below), and now I plan on listening as much as possible just to embed it in my mind. You’ll understand what I’m talking about after you watch the video about the Paradigm ,  So I’m following his every step to working with changing my Paradigm Shift.  IF you don’t know what the Paradigm shift is, then just watch the video below.

I believe I even wrote an article in my blog about this in the past when I figured out how the Law of Attraction works.    It also seems that I have lost my path a couple of times, and now I’m in that major phase in my life where I’m going through some powerful change , and I can feel it.  Honestly.

So this is why I have the urge to write this down, and basically, keep track of what’s going on in my life.  A new milestone is heading my way…

So back to changing your paradigm….

Watch the Video below, for the next 30 days…every day!  

PLEASE.  That’s all I’m asking…30 days…

Next is to play the video below  whenever you can , every day.  I listen to this while i’m working (with headphones) at home, or on my walks with my dog Clooney every day.  Amazing affirmations which will help you rewire your mind.  I followed this like a religion, because I’ve seen the changes it made to my life, almost immediately.

Make sure you add it to your playlist so its always available.  You have to do this daily, for 30 days too.

 Grateful and Thankful!

I have been taught to add being grateful and thankful to everything, at least every day.  So let me just thank you all for reading my blog, and following me.  Do  go and watch or buy Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller – Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century

It really is a life changer.   On that note, thanks for reading,  and remember to watch video above for the next 30 days with me. You have nothing to lose!

Blessed and Grateful that you are my follower and avid reader!

Hope this will be helpful to you as it was to me!  Follow my path , it works.. 😉