When you finally realize, how life works, and are aware of the things that are happening around you, you will understand that there is a force, which you can actually control.
It’s a force within, and that force is about focusing on what you want in life…. or even who you want, and then sit back and observe the things that are happening. You got to know what you want, or it won’t be delivered.

Filter our the bullshit, and keep the things that are making you happy right now. What seems right, is right…. Never care what others think of your decisions in life.
It’s all about what you want. Timing is everything.

The worst shit that happens to you, in any current situation you are in, is only a message that something great is going to happen very soon!
Doesn’t matter what it is. But, in my own personal experience, every shitty time, or experience meant, something great is coming to me. It’s like the universe is actually protecting me.
So when sudden changes happen in your life, best thing about it is to stay balanced, question , why it happened, and try and see the good out of it.

Sometimes, you can’t. It’s blurry, it’s not what it seems, it’s too hard. Losing a loved one, a loved pet, getting sick, getting hurt, whatever it is, is unfortunately part of the process…
I could never be in the position to tell you, you’ll get over it, it’s hard.. I get it. I know. But listen….. it can change, it will pass, it’s only for that phase. You can make it or break it. It’s all about your own belief.

Live the moment, Live the experiences, and try and be aware of why things happen to you. And remember, ask yourself…. “wait…isn’t this what I asked for? “….. bad or good.

You don’t want to be in the position, to get sad, for no reason, on bad thoughts about things that never happened to you. Scary thoughts, feared thoughts, about things you are scared to do because you were told that’s how it is. No…. Don’t…. Just think what you CAN DO, What you WANT TO DO, and forget the rest. The rest are just obstacles in this journey. All you got to do is WAKE UP, keep your head up, and move on…. There is more for you there….and there is more to live..instead of blaming the shits on yourself, or others. Just get over it. It’s all good. *(and to the people who will say, pfff….who does this guy think he is…NO One. Just someone who is trying to help the ones who understand what i’m saying. It’s also info from my own life experiences. I’m actually documenting things that are happening to me for the past year, and it’s been a tremendous journey…..eye opening experiences, and never down …

I never fell, just kept my head high, no matter what… πŸ™‚ and i’ve had a few shits that happened to me. But All i kept on saying, was..it will pass, i’m good, i’m happy, and i’m grateful. πŸ™‚

You’ll understand too, soon… or maybe never.. But …i’m cool…this is what Makes me happy πŸ™‚ ….)