In 2012, I had lost my job in the corporate world.  After 13 years i’ve finally broken loose, but it wasn’t by chance.  It wasn’t by luck.  It was something I had wanted.  Something I definitely attracted.  I was practicing, law of attraction, and working a lot on myself.

Trying to figure out what we are, what I am, and why I don’t feel that everything we know , isn’t really it.   After reading books, and doing my own research, I have figured out that Law of Attraction is very real.   Since working from home, I have built on this, and got better at being aware of everything that I am attracting.  The good and the bad.  It’s like a trial and error.

One day when I finally perfect the art of using law of attraction, will be the day when I publish my book on it with my own experiences with it.    The law of attraction, is not something that comes and goes.  It’s something you build , and once you rewire your mind, and change your paradigms, you will understand what a powerful human being you are.

You are capable of everything and anything, as long as you put your “mind”to it.  It really is that simple.  Eliminate Fear, understand Gratefulness, and chase your dreams to the fullest.  You can do and be who ever and do whatever you want.  As long as you WANT and not NEED.   These are my stories, showing you my path as it folds…

I’m a passionate entrepreneur, and I believe someone should live his life by doing what he has a passion for. I have a strong passion in social network marketing, and marketing in general. I decided I was tired of not being able to have full freedom in my ideas and vision, and wanted to begin my own business out of my passion. I have the right credentials and experience to bring back results.

I was fortunate enough to live in several countries away from home. Nicosia, (Cyprus) , Nigeria (Africa), Michigan (U.S.A), Athens (Greece). This helped me gain life experiences that you can’t learn at school.

I’ve spent the past 11 years living the corporate dream, one that involves climbing the corporate ladder, gaining experience in many different categories– learning new things, living fully, learning to be creative and taking on new challenges each day. I have a B.A.A in Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Business from CMU in 2002 (Central Michigan University).


What is Destiny Tuning Secret About?

I begun this blog with the sole idea to show my transformation and growth through the power of the Law of Attraction. Using tools and reading book, helped me achieve the kind of freedom I wanted while also, attracting money through multiple income sources on a daily basis.   This was done through the power of changing my mindset, something called paradigm shifting.  I followed Bob Proctor, and Anthony Robbins to helping myself grow within.  I found an amazing power we all have, while also going through trial and error on what works with my personal experiences.

I am actually in the middle of enjoying everything I have attracted in my life. As a person, I have become more aware of my surroundings, and people I come in contact with. I’m in this for the long run. It has changed my life massively, and I have changed my lifestyle around only doing anything I have a passion for. In the next following weeks, and months, I will be providing you with valuable and inspirational articles, and tools to help you find out what you are capable of!

Talk to you inside, so make sure you sign up anywhere on this website, so I can fill you in with more news as my life unfolds.


Peace! …. Demetris