Spiritual Healing Principles

Spiritual healing is a topic that is gaining popularity. A quick Internet search shows that people from all segments of society are showing interest in it. While, people in general are more familiar with spiritual healing, for many, what exactly spiritual healing is and what principles underlie it remains a mystery. As per our spiritual research, the basic principle behind any method of spiritual healing is to increase spiritual purity ( Sattva ) and reduce spiritual impurity ( Raja-Tama ). Spiritual healing can be done on ourselves or on others. While it may seem appealing to visit someone for spiritual healing, our spiritual research has shown that it is better to perform spiritual healing on ourselves most of the time. There are some simple and easy methods to heal oneself spiritually that anyone can practice for free given on SSRF and many have benefited from them. In addition, doing regular spiritual practice is also a form of spiritual healing. In fact, doing appropriate spiritual practice is the most sustainable long term spiritual healing method since it increases our spiritual capacity to overcome spiritual negativity from within. In this section, we explain the different principles that underlie spiritual healing and some answer some common questions that people have about it.

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Research Articles

80% of our problems have their root cause in the spiritual dimension, and thus they require a spiritual solution to overcome them. Spiritual solutions to these problems are known as spiritual healing. Given this fact, spiritual healing can help most people to live happier and more meaningful lives.

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